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Got an astrophysics/ astrodynamics question...

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    How would a solar system need to be set up to provide a life bearing world, standard 1 g, with the surface area of Jupiter with a standard day / night 24 hour cycle?
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    I think that would work if the Earth were the size of Jupiter and made of styrofoam. Since it's mass, not diameter, that determines orbit, the Earth would have the same orbital period and with the mass the same as Earth, but being made of styrofoam (approximately) it would have the surface area of Jupiter.

    Of course, it's hard to figure how you could have a planet made of styrofoam or any equivalently weighted matter.
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    What about outside celestial influences creating a constant counter gravitational effect?

    All the mass but the desired gravity.
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    what about them?

    OOPS. I forgot to state that of course the gravity on the surface of the styrofoam planet would be way less than on Earth because same mass but much greater diameter
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    Thanks! But darn it, I'm going to have to figure something out! I need this planet to have standard mass and gravity. (though the thought of a Styrofoam planet is amusing.)

    I don't really want to Sci Fi this. I'm going to be bending just about every other rule into a pretzel for this story.

    My thinking is: if space is infinite with the possibility of infinite variety, then there must be some version of a solar system that could support a planet like this.

    I just wanted... NEEDED really, some help figuring out how to set it up.
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    Learn the math of planetary orbits and figure out if one is possible, but a surface the size of Jupiter but gravity same as Earth is going to mean a styrofoam (or equivalent) planet. Period.
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    Well, That seems to put that idea to rest. Thanks for the feedback phinds.
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