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[Grad School] Does this make sense?

  1. Apr 12, 2007 #1


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    I need some help deciding what to do in grad school.

    My ultimate goal is to do research in purely theoretical physics, probably in LQG, or perhaps in String theory, or something of this nature (spare me the talk about never getting a job - I know). I'd like to do this from a very formal and mathematical point of view.

    I'm about to graduate with a double major in Physics and Mathematics, and need to decide what to do for grad school. My current plan is to do a Masters in math, on Lie groups, specifically related to physics, and then go do a PhD in physics, in LQG or whatever specific field I'll have decided on by then.

    Does this make sense? Do Lie groups play an important enough role that getting a Masters in it will actually help? Would a masters in another area of mathematics be more useful?
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    do you have an ADVISER AT YOUR SCHOOL? Can you talk to someone in the physics or math physics group there?

    from what little i know, riemann surfaces and differential geometry are more central to string theory than are lie groups.

    (I have been a lecturer in the school of Riemann surfaces for string theory at the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste.)
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    darn.. that doesnt leave me much to say to you...

    soooo.... have you filed your taxes yet?:rolleyes:
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    uOttawa! Are you in the PHYS4602 course at Carleton this term?! If so, hi! :biggrin:
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    uOttawa yes, but I'm not in that course.
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    Oh, shucks. I'm in the counterpart program at Carleton, and also graduating this term. There are a few graduating uOttawa students in the course. :smile:
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