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Grad School Resume - Include Poster Sessions?

  1. Nov 11, 2013 #1

    I am applying to graduate schools in physics, applied physics, and engineering. On my resume, I would like to know if people feel I should include summer research (REU,SULI) presentations, and poster sessions I have attended. The most important poster session would be one for the APS Division of nuclear physics meeting that I was selected to attend.

    Does anyone feel this would just be a waste of space on the resume?

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    No way. That sounds like good stuff.
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    Ok thanks. I just didn't know if that kind of stuff was worth anything. I'll at least include the selective one.
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    Remember you're not submitting a "resume" as you would for a job. You're submitting a "curriculum vitae" which is an academic resume. These need not be trunctated to two pages and are meant to be a record of the relevant academic work that you've done.

    Poster presentations are a critical component of this, partcularly for undergraduates trying to get into graduate school who are unlikely to have many (if any) publications under their belts.
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