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Graduate after 3 years bachelors

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    Hi all,
    my college is jacobs university bremen, germany. and has 3 years bachelors. Does anyone know whether that program is accepted for doctorate in usa?
    Thank you.
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    The three Germans that I know at my university all went on to get a Master's in England before coming to the US for PhD.
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    When I was looking at their prospectus - that was for math though, not physics - they claimed that their graduated students had gone for postgraduate study in the States and the UK. Can't remember where exactly but at least, it's possible.

    You might want to check out www.physicsgre.com. I've seen a few persons with 3-year degrees applying and getting in, on certain occasions. One such success story, if you will, is that of the user SPat. Use Google to find his post. You should note that he had a solid GPA, research experience and a PGRE of 990.
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