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Graduate Research in Quantum Computation

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    What graduate schools are the best if I want to pursue research in Quantum Computation? I know MIT has a good program and I am going to apply there but what other schools would you recommend? I would prefer to stay on this side of the Atlantic.
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    I only looked at West Coast schools when applying with an interest in quantum information theory last year, so this probably won't be that helpful to you.

    This information is also highly dependent upon whether you want to do theory or experiment.

    For theory, the top school (anywhere) is likely Caltech with its Institute for Quantum Information. Other schools with strong programs on the West Coast include UC Santa Barbara (look up Microsoft's Station Q), University of New Mexico, and UC Berkeley (only two profs). A number of other schools have at least one person doing quantum computing, although it may take a bit of Google magic to figure out who they since the field is so interdisciplinary and people work in many departments. These include University of Washington, University of Oregon, UC San Diego and University of Southern California. There might be a few that I'm missing, but I didn't consider any other programs.

    I'm afraid I don't know very much about east coast programs. You pretty much need to either find a researcher in the field to consult, or type "school name quantum computing" into Google because you couldn't count on finding everyone linked to by department websites, if you could even figure out the departments ahead of time.

    I do know that there are several strong programs in Canada. These include the University of Waterloo with the Perimeter Institute, and some others that I'm not recalling at the moment. Sorry, but I'm not too sure about east coast programs! (Except MIT, of course.)
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