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Graduate school without ANY research experience

  1. Oct 3, 2012 #1

    By next summer I'll have completed my bachelor's degree in geophysics at the University of Zagreb (Croatia). My GPA is perfect (5.0/5.0, although i know that a good gpa from a globally unknown university doesn't stand for much), my GRE's are great (General test, quant-170, verbal-160) and I'm going to take the subject test in physics soon.

    However, I have NO research experience (extremely hard to get some in Croatia), and no internships or summer school (I wanted to go to a summer school programme at CERN, however they didn't accept me since they don't accept undergraduate students). Pretty much, I haven't done anything at all.

    Do I have any chances of getting admitted to a decent graduate school? At least to a decent MSc programme in the US? (Although I know they most of them are PhD oriented)
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    Lots of students get into graduate school every year with little to no undergraduate research experience. Remember senior labs, senior thesis projects, and even reading courses can count in this respect.

    If you're interested in particular programs, you should contact the departments with specific information about yourself and ask if they would consider you to be a competative candidate for their programs.
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