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Schools Graduate Schools that do Turbomachinery Research

  1. Jul 23, 2016 #1

    I have a Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering and am looking forward to getting a Masters Degree in Engineering. But the catch is that I have not been able to find schools that conduct the research I am interested in.

    I am particularly interested in Gas Turbine Research, specifically cycle-design and optimization.There are many universities that have faculty involved in Combustion Aerodynamics or Turbine Aerodynamics but not the entire system.

    I search through the USNews Education Compass with emphasis on Mechanical Engineering. Maybe i am looking for it in the wrong major, or my research interest is not really "interesting" anymore and I need to rethink. I could really use some help from Physics Forums members.
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    Have you posed this question to the faculty at your alma mater?
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    Yes. They recommended me the programs at Texas A&M and UoFlorida. Texas A&M is extremely selective so I am a bit hesitant to apply, I am applying to the second option.
    That's just one school, I am looking at applying to 3 minimum to have a reasonable chance. This is something I am really interested in so changing my research focus is really the last option. I have been involved in developing educational software that helps undergrad students generate cycle-decks for a variety of thermodynamic cycles and combinations. You are welcome to try it out at www.propulsor-turbo.com

    PS. My professors were educated in Asia so it might be a bit difficult for them to recommend grad schools in the United States sorted by research focus. I don't blame them for it.
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    This is not my area of expertise, by a long shot. Perhaps you could call those two programs, explain your situation, and ask if there are similar ones elsewhere? Or email one or more of the faculty there? Couldn't hurt...
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