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Graduating high school soon, need some advice

  1. Sep 14, 2015 #1
    I'm in high school currently in my senior year. I'm going to college, but I just need an opinion. so I plan on becoming a mechanical engineer. and as I'm studying I take a course in Germany, then come back to Canada
    (where I live) finish my degree and go back to Germany to work. that is my plan.. if anybody could chime in that would be great.
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    What do you need advice on?
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    Well, good luck. There'll be a lot of new faces in Germany looking for work soon, and in coming years.

    It's not clear, but are you going to Germany to take just one course, or several? Are you a German national currently living in and going to HS in Canada?
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    I plan on taking several courses while in Germany, but I am Canadian and I go to HS is Canada.
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