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A secondary school describes an institution that provides secondary education and also usually includes the building where this takes place. Some secondary schools provide both lower secondary education (age 12 to 15) and upper secondary education (age 15 to 18) i.e. levels 2 and 3 of the ISCED scale, but these can also be provided in separate schools, as in the American middle and high school system. In the UK, elite public schools typically admit pupils between the ages of 13 and 18. UK state schools accommodate pupils between the ages of 11 to 18.
Secondary schools follow on from primary schools and prepare for vocational or tertiary education. Attendance is usually compulsory for students until age 16. The organisations, buildings, and terminology are more or less unique in each country.

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  1. autumnhogan

    Will getting a D in first semester AP Physics C cause my university acceptances to be revoked?

    I'm a senior in high school taking AP Physics C (equivalent of college calculus based physics mechanics and electricity/magnetism). Through junior year I had a 3.9 unweighted, 4.33 weighted GPA with all A's besides a B and C sophomore year due to mental health issues explained in my application...
  2. thaPhysicsPerson

    How to study for Physics?

    Im going to make this quick High School Student currently in AP Physics 1 with strong math background(Currently in Calc BC) Problem: Consistently stuck at a B+ no matter how much practice Goal: Try to reach at-least an A- Issue: I find tests consist of materials that I haven't practiced before...
  3. wrobel

    B A triangle problem: Prove that |AC|+|AB|=|PR|+|PQ| given some constraints

    I actually do not understand where to place this thread. Hope that it is a high school level problem. There are two triangles ABC and PQR. The vertex A is a middle of the side QR. The vertex P is a middle of the side BC. The line QR is a bisector of the angle BAC. The line BC is a bisector of...
  4. jkengineer

    High School Project - Mini Airhockey Table with Robotic Arm

    [Mentor Note -- This thread start is outside of the normal scope of PF, but we are allowing it because it's a pretty well-done project for the level of the student] :smile: Hi all, I would like to share my high school engineering project - A Mini Airhockey table with Robotic Defender...
  5. kamalMKA

    Mechanics for High School Students: Building a Robotic Arm

    TL;DR Summary: Mechanical engineering,robotics,mechnics,dynamics Hi guys , I'm new to mechnics and I want to learn it for building robotic arm , but I find mechanics book topics somewhat difficult for me , what I need to learn to get started as I'm a highschool student with basic level math.
  6. whatevs

    Intro Math Are the (translated) High School Japanese maths textbooks by Kodaira Good?

    I'm trying to review some high school maths and work my way to Calculus and Linear Algebra, and I found these three translations of Japanese maths textbooks translated by the AMS and edited by Kunihiko Kodaira. The AMS links to them are: https://bookstore.ams.org/cdn-1669378252560/mawrld-8/...
  7. S

    Is "College Algebra" really just high school "Algebra II"?

    I had learned everything in College Algebra in my Algebra II course in high school, and indeed (at least at my alma mater) in engineering, physics or math, no credit is even given for College Algebra. Perhaps what is going on here is that colleges can't trust that someone who has passed (even...
  8. malawi_glenn

    Ideas for group theory for high school math project

    Hi As high school teacher, I sometimes have those extremely talanted and self driven pupils. In their final year, they are required to make a science or math project, roughly one month full-time studies, approx 15-20 pages report. This academic year, one of my students have learned some group...
  9. A

    Math Applied math work opportunities for high school students?

    Hi. I'm a high school student interested in applied math, including but not limited to climate modelling, auto differentiation, and simulations. It'd be really nice if I could get some experience in those fields in a structured learning environment, like an internship, with mentors if possible...
  10. D

    MHB Free Math Tutoring Videos Focusing on Math Olympiad, Calculus, and High School Math

    Dear members in this nice community, Let me introduce myself first. My name is Derek Liang, and I am from Canada. I hold a bachelor degree in math education, a PhD in math from China and a PhD in applied math from Canada. I have more than twenty years of experience teaching and tutoring math at...
  11. J

    Physics presentation ideas please for a senior in high school

    Hi! I'm in my final year of high school and I need to present to a jury a 5 minute presentation on a physics question. I'm looking for a topic that would combine physics and everyday life , similar to explaining ball movement in a given sport through aerodynamics and movement trajectory. My...
  12. Falgun

    I A Question on Spinors in a High school textbook

    While revising Rotational motion, I came across a qualitative question which blew me away. Meaning I couldn't even understand the question let alone answer it😅. It has to do with these objects called spinors which as I understand are evoked in quantum mechanics and Relativity. I am attaching the...
  13. mishima

    High School Chemistry: Stoichiometry Readings?

    Hi there, I've taught high school stoichiometry (limiting reactant, theoretical yield, etc) for about a decade now focusing on both math (such as mol reactant to grams product) and related lab techniques (maximizing percent yield). I would like to expand my curriculum with some good readings...
  14. S

    Intro Physics Books for high school physics E&M [No integrals]

    Can you recommend introductory physics book for high school that contains E & M ? It should not have any integrals.
  15. C

    Geometry Recommendation for High School Geometry book

    Dear Everyone, So I would like some recommendation for high school geometry books that are affordable and preferably e-books. Why do I need some books on high school geometry? I would like to improve my geometric reasoning. When I took high school geometry a decade and half ago, I was...
  16. MichPod

    High School Physics online video courses and MOOCs?

    Hi Everybody, Could you please point me to some good video courses on Physics for the High School level and generally of the introductory level? What I could find meanwhile are: "How Things Work: An Introduction to Physics" from Coursera and "Intro to Physics" from Udacity. I am looking for...
  17. R

    Physics 'challenge' type problems, High School (16-18) level

    Hi all I've long been a fan of the nrich site for maths and in recent years it has started to add a section on physics here. I also like IsaacPhysics although I haven't used it much in the past year so am still trying to get used to the new layout. I'm looking for other resources along this...
  18. B

    Hard thermodynamics high school question from an entrance exam in India for colleges

    as the process has been given as an adiabatic one, dQ=0, further attempt is given in the attached files, but the problem is I got X=1 while the official key states it to be X=2.05, could anyone explain why
  19. nmsurobert

    High School Magnetic Field Lab

    I attempted to run a lab that would allows us to calculate the magnetic field strength of a couple different neodymium magnets. I would love some feedback on it and ways that I could potentially make it better. The numbers I calculated were very far off from what I expected. Apparatus set up: I...
  20. ClimberT8

    Physicist and Data Scientist in Ed Tech

    How did you find PF?: Searching for "high school and college physics teachers discussion forums" I am a "kiddo" in Physics, like Dr. Jill Biden ;-) and following a highly anti-recommended circuitous path have ended up doing data seance. That should tell you everything you need to know about my...
  21. M

    Math High school teaching before PhD

    Is it a bad idea for me to get a master's in secondary education and teach high school (math) for a few years before I do a PhD? My main goal is to teach college. However, I've missed all the PhD application deadlines this year and figured I might as well pick up the HS teaching degree as a...
  22. gleem

    Attention High School Students and Teachers

    The Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics (http://www.perimeterinstitute.ca/about/about-perimeter ) is holding a question and answer session "Inspiring Future Women in Science – Live Q&A" for students and teachers on careers in science on February 11. In celebration of the UN...
  23. sahilmm15

    Algebra High school courses on Permutations and combinations

    Can you give me some high school papers or courses on p and c . I have a good source for problems but need a concise and compact course covering concepts. Thanks!
  24. sahilmm15

    Other High School Trigonometry course

    Can you review this high school trigonometry course. I am having a hard time finding a course about trigonometry for intermediates. I am clear with my basics and want to dive in deep now.Thanks for any suggestions!http://www.mecmath.net/trig/trigbook.pdf
  25. T

    Classical Advice on Algebra for High School

    Good Morning While I am an engineer, my math training was deficient. On my own, I made up for it, but it was a struggle. For example, I always thought Algebra was the study of rate problems (e.g.: "If a train is going one way at one speed and the other is going that way at another, where will...
  26. J

    Schools Help to find best high school in the US to become a theoretical phyicist

    Dear everyone, My younger brother who is 15 years old and me, both live in the UK. He is determined to become a theoretical physicist like Zeldovich or Ginzburg. We have an opportunity to send him to a US high school because it is the best place to become and be a physicist. Could you please...
  27. miafrasca_

    B High school Astrophysics Research Project Suggestions Please

    Hi, so I'm currently a senior high school student and I'm doing a research project on Astrophysics. I just need help on picking a topic as I know there is a lot out there. I need a project idea that is current but not too challenging as I am limited with resources. Thanks.
  28. J

    Question for STEM high school teachers — What do you like and dislike?

    As a STEM teacher at a public high school, what are some things you like and dislike about your job?
  29. hackedagainanda

    Studying Off the usual course of high school mathematics

    Hey PF! I'm currently studying Algebra and Trigonometry and have been looking at university level math courses. I was hoping there are some to jump into preferably before calculus like crypt analysis, number theory, or combinatorics.Are there "fun" math courses to take that don't rely on...
  30. D

    Best way to learn fluid mechanics while in high school

    Hi, I am a high school student doing a project on fluid dynamics and need to understand the relevant maths so that I can understand how to apply the mathematics of fluid flow (particularly air flow around a cylinder). I have a basic calculus understanding and need to understand the navier...
  31. dlxgains

    Moment of inertia project help- experiment 1: Bifiler Rod

    Homework Statement: So i need to find equations to help me with a bifiler suspension experiment in which i will use a rectangular drop bar as the oscillating object, also any help with the method of this experiment would be greatly appreciated. The end goal is to find the moment of inertia...
  32. radhxy

    Issac Physics 'Three Collisions' High School Homework - Kinematic

    Homework Statement: Three particles A, B, and C, each of mass 𝑚, lie at rest in that order in a straight line on a smooth horizontal table. The particle A is then projected directly towards B with speed 𝑢. The masses of A, B, and C are now 𝑚, 2𝑚 and 3𝑚 respectively: Again find the fraction of...
  33. Dopplershift

    Other Entering a PhD Physics Program While Teaching High School?

    Hello, I am currently a high school physics teacher in Chicago. I am thinking about going back to school to get a PHD in Physics. I currently have a B.S. in Applied Physics and a secondary education license. I would like to find a way to go back and get a PHD. I cannot afford to quit my job...
  34. KingOfDirewolves

    Intro Physics What textbooks should I do in Physics if I'm in High School

    I'm currently in High School and I want to learn Physics for clearing our local Physics Olympiad then possibly the IPhO. I'm a 11th Grade Student in India. My math is quite strong so I have no problem is using Calculus. I have also noticed that my problem solving skills improve only when I do...
  35. S

    MHB High school inequality 2 |x^2y-a^2b|<A

    Given A>0, find a B>0 such that : for all x,y,a,b : if 0<x<1,0<y<1,0<a<1,0<b<1,and |x-a|<B,|y-b|<B,then |x^2y-a^2b|<A
  36. S

    MHB High school inequality |(√(sinx)+1)^2−(√(sina)+1)^2|<b

    Given 0<a<π/2 , b>0 find a c>0 such that : for all ,x : if 0<x<π/2 and |x-a|<c ,then |(\sqrt sinx +1)^2-(\sqrt sin a +1)^2|<b
  37. haushofer

    "Lesson study"-method applied to high school physics

    Dear all, for my education as a physics teacher (Dutch high school, ages 14-17) I have to make a didactical assignment. This assignment consists of applying the so-called "lesson study" method, see e.g. https://tdtrust.org/what-is-lesson-study https://www.uwlax.edu/sotl/lsp/index2.htm My...
  38. R

    MHB High school simple algebra word problem

    The 100W light bulb (cost 0.60 dollars) is not going to be used anymore and is being replaced with the 20W (cost 3 dollars) low energy light bulb. If electricity is charged at $0.15 per kWh, for how many hours must the low energy bulb be used in order for the lower cost of running it to exactly...
  39. L

    Programs High School Experimental Physics Research Academy at Penn, reviews?

    I have a 9th grader who is really excited about modern physics and we're looking for a summer program where he can learn (and have fun learning) at the appropriate level. Most of the summer physics programs we've found are only open to current 11th or 12th graders. The Penn Experimental Physics...
  40. H

    Calculators High School Technology education throughout the years

    I'm curious how technology education in high school has progressed throughout the years. I graduated HS in '89. While there I had three semesters of programming. Basic on an Apple 2E and RPG 2 and COBOL on an IBM systems 3 mid-range. Punch cards for the win. Please share your experiences.
  41. L

    MHB It’s a korean high school math problem Can you solve this?

    Hello, I,m korean high school student who likes mathematics. So I have made a math mock exam for KSAT, and this is a problem in the exam. It doesn’t need so long calculation but you can feel it a little difficult. (Sorry to my fool English performance. I’m not good at English)
  42. U

    Other I need advice on preparations for studying calculus

    Hello, I am new to physicsforums and I am still a high school student so I would like to have advice on what books should be relevant on preparation for calculus and more math beyond. I have basic algebra and geometry foundation and I would like to learn more high school math and up. So my plan...
  43. nmsurobert

    Teaching high school AP physics

    Hello everyone, A postion for an AP (advanced placement) physics teacher opened up at the high school I work at and I jumped all over it. More specifically, I will be teaching AP Physics 2. I believe I will be one of two teachers in our district teaching the course. I haven't had much...
  44. jedishrfu

    News American High School Students Take Note

    Veritaseum showcases the Regeron Science Competition where 1 High School student was awarded $250,000 for their work in science: In the video, Veritaseum mentions that only 2000 students typically compete in the yearly competition and that 1 in 50 students will be awarded $25,000 for...
  45. bigbosswilly

    High school Physics - Simple Harmonic Motion

    I started off by finding when Fg=Fx: (72)(x)=(31)(9.8) x=4.2193m After this I'm stuck and have a few things I'm confused about: When the penguin's jumping, is there elastic energy? (because the rope's getting compressed? Or maybe not). Also, I know you can use energy conservation, but...
  46. A

    Atomic High School Chemistry Textbook Recommendation

    Can someone please tell me what high school chemistry textbook that studying about octet rule is best for an idiot like me?
  47. C

    I need some clarification for a high school vectors question (accelerating bird)

    Homework Statement A bird flying in the air accelerates 2.82 m/s2 north for 4.11 seconds. the final velocity of the bird is 9.09 m/s [east]. What was the initial velocity of the bird? Homework Equations vf=v0+a*t v(average)=(v0+vf)/2 v=d/t d=v0t +½at2 tanθ=opp/adj The Attempt at a Solution...
  48. Fabrizio Vassallo

    Schools Recommendations of experiments to a high school student.

    Hello! First of all, thank you taking the time to read this. I'm a high school student currently about to begin my last year (I'm from Argentina so here we start in March) and would like to study physics in 2020. Because of that, I contacted a university here and they told me that if I wanted...
  49. K

    Intro Physics High School Physics and Math books for self-studying?

    I have had around 2 year gap after finishing high school. The last 2 years of high school (11th and 12th grade where calculus, coordinate geometry, straight lines, circles, vectors, functions, quadratics, polynomials, probability, permutation etc. are taught here) , I barely studied and some how...