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Graphene How it contradicts 2D models and how can it remain stable.

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    Hi guys,

    I am currently writing my dissertation on Graphene and I am investigateing how graphene remains stable, contradicting existing well established theory which states 2D materials cannot exist independently.
    With the main area of investigation looking at possible lattice distortions which potentially stabilise the 2D structure whilst keeping the relativistic spectrum.

    If anyone has come across any useful books, journals or reports that they think would be useful please could you send me a link/title.

    Or If you have a good understanding of this area and would be willing to discuss some ideas or theory's that would be fantastic.

    Looking forward to hearing from you Ozzie.
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    Do you mean the Wagner Mermin theorem? Maybe you should read their articel first: It does not say that 2d materials are not stable but that they cannot have long range order. Apparently Graphene does not contradict this theorem as fluctuations in deed lead to a loss of periodicity over long distances. However, this has little influence on the electronic spectrum as this depends more on the local structure.
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