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Gravimetric Attraction Akin to that of a Neutron Star

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    This relates to a feat in a classic Thor comic. Thor is blasted by a Graviton Bomb and "is instantly subject to a gravimetric attraction akin to that of a neutron star.". He is then "pulled irresistibly down by the incalculable increase in local gravity and is quickly buried from view by an ever compacting mass of unimaginable tonnage".

    We see him buried under a rectangular mountain of metal, possibly 50 ft high and 20 ft wide.

    I know gravimetric can relate to weight and also gravity. The mass of a neutron star is 1.4 (or 1.5 according to other sources) that of our sun.


    I'm confused by the statements relating to gravimetric and mass. Does this mean Thor is buried under the weight of a neutron star or is subject to the gravitational pull of a neutron star? If the latter is the case and a sugar cube of this matter weighs a billion tons to calculate the weight do we determine how many cubes of sugar are in 1000 ft sq (20 x 50)? If so if a cube of sugar is 1 in square what's the weight he's buried under?!?!?
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    is there anything you can do to reduce the number of questions?
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