1. M

    Force between Parallel Current Carrying Wires

    1. Homework Statement Two parallel wires have currents that have the same direction, but differing magnitude. The current in wire A is I, and the current in wire B is 2I. Which one of the following statements concerning the situation is true? A) Both wires attract each other with the same...
  2. R

    B Pauli's exclusion principle

    So my question is why cant 2 object be at the exact same potion, (i.e. overlap). Why cant a +ve quark and electron just merge. In an universe where there is no force caused due to charge, why cant we just walk through a solid wall.
  3. T

    B Gravitational force between two objects?

    I know that the force of gravity is (ma)=GMm/r^2 or a=GM/r^2 This makes sense and If I were to drop a bowling ball down to earth I'd expect it to fall with 9.8m/s^2. However I can calculate that the bowling ball has its own gravity using the formula noted above. My question is what will be the...
  4. M

    B Question about Gravity and Elecromagnetism and Attraction

    I am kind of an arm chair layman, The following is just my own curious mind working furiously on something I know I don't completely understand, and yet want to. It seems to me that just about every piece of matter is made up of mass, and therefor has some level of electromagnetic and gravitic...
  5. Behrouz

    I Quark and lepton charges

    Hello everyone, I'm sorry if it's a dumb question, I'm very new in self studying particle physics. May I ask when we associate a charge (i.e. positive or negative) to quark and lepton, is it only because of their attraction or repulsion toward each other? in other words, is it just to name one...
  6. M

    Metal sphere drawn and then repelled by charged rod

    1. Homework Statement An uncharged metal sphere hangs from a nylon thread. When a positively charged, nonconducting glass rod is brought close to the metal sphere, the sphere is drawn toward the rod. But if the sphere touches the rod, the sphere suddenly flies away from the rod. Explain why...
  7. D

    Distance to which magnets start attracting each other

    Hi, I was wondering whether it was posible with a formula to measure the distance to which two equal magnets start attracting to each other. I was looking at this web page and I am not sure if this is the right formula. I have two...
  8. A

    Filling bag with elementary particles

    Hello.This is probably totally stupid question, but anyway... Is it possible to create bag made of particles with very strong positive charge and electrons using attracting force between them? If theoretically at least in some parallel universe yes, then if we keep shooting electrons inside...
  9. V

    Bond energy - (Force/ potential E vs interatomic separation)

    Hey guys, So, I was in my materials lecture today and something the lecturers and the tutors said was slightly confusing. We were talking about the repulsion and attraction force between atoms. This is all good as I can understand how if two atoms will repel each other if they get really close...