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Gravitational field strength unit

  1. Apr 19, 2010 #1
    What quantity has the same numerical value as the gravitational field strength, but is expressed in a different unit?

    g= 9.8 N/kg

    i can't think of anything else thats 9.8 besides g
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    Isn't g also an acceleration?
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    rightt :D thanks
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    Yes g is also an acceleration but that would be the same units. g=9.8N/kg

    N/kg=(kgm/s^2)/kg= m/s^2 which is the same units as acceleration.

    I don't really get what purpose this question might be trying to fulfill...
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    i thought the same thing too but the acceleration was right..the teacher told me for gravitational field strength you leave the units as N/kg
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    The gravitational field strength and acceleration represent different quantities: the first is how many newtons gravity applies on an object, the second is how fast the object gains speed. The numerical value for both is the same, and that's no coincidence, but that doesn't mean there's no conceptual difference between the 2 values.
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