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Gravitational force confusing question

  1. Sep 24, 2015 #1
    I have this question on my practice test that I can't figure out. "Just as one jumps out of a plane what is their gravitational force given that the mass is 70kg." The thing is, for me to use the gravitational force formula I need to masses. The test only has the one. Am I missing something? Am I to stupid to look over such an obvious answer?
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    Presumably the plane is flying in earth's atmosphere.
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    You can also assume that it is not too far away from the ground.

    I moved the thread to our homework section.
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    Is that the exact wording of the question. I note it asks for "their" gravitational force. Would that be asking for the gravitational force between two identical skydivers each of mass 70kg?

    Edit. On the other hand it mentions "one" leaving the plane.
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    Why dont uh try assuming that the plane's height is negligible with respect to radius of earth and try mass of earth for second mass so the eqn becomes F=G×m1×M/r^2 (in this case "M" is equal to mass of earth
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