Gravity in Space: Mass, Weight & Calculations

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A. How much gravity is experienced on board the shuttle and moon craft? Is this zero gravity or just extremely small gravity? If it is not zero can you calculate its size in terms of the gravity we experience on Earth's surface?

B. The effects of rotation: How much gravity is experienced on the space station? Will a person's weight be the same as on the Earth? Estimate the size and rotation of the space station, and therefore calculate the force of gravity experienced on board. How fast will the space station be rotating, and how large a radius is needed on the space station to simulate Earth's gravity?

C. How does a person's weight change on different planets. Find out the mass of the Earth, Moon and Jupiter, and use this to calculate your weight on those three places.

D. How would you measure the mass of objects in space? On Earth a 10 kg mass has a weight twice that of a 5 kg mass - is that true in space?
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