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Homework Help: Gravity Question (I think) with mass and speed

  1. Feb 11, 2012 #1
    So here is the theory question that I have to understand so that I can eventually solve the actual question.

    A body with a mass of X tonnes is moving at Y Ln/h. What would the vertical height of that body be before coming to rest.

    I'm presuming that this is a gravity question.

    Now I'm using SI so I know to convert the mass to kg and the Length/Time to m/s.

    After that, I don't quite get how I could figure out at what point in the air the mass goes before gravity brings it to a stand still.

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    Simon Bridge

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    moving vertically?
    ... draw the velocity-time graph of the motion - you know initial and final speeds, you don't know the time so just leave it as a variable T. What shape is the graph? What kind of motion is this? In general - if you want to understand the motion, draw the graph.
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