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A Green's function at boundaries

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    The derivative of the Green's function is:
    i \dfrac{dG_{A,B}(t)}{dt} =\delta(t) \left< {[A,B]}\right>+G_{[A,H],B}(t)
    the fourier transform is:
    \omega G_{A,B}(t)=\left< {[A,B]}\right>+G_{[A,H],B}(\omega)
    but this would require that the Green's function is 0 for t->inf. Why is that the case? It is clear that it must vanish at t->-inf because of the heaviside function but not at inf.
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    Can you mention the source of these equations. I have never seen such form of the Green's function and would love to know more about it.
    Anyways, second equation seems wrong. Instead of
    \omega G_{A,B}(t)=\left< {[A,B]}\right>+G_{[A,H],B}(\omega)
    you should have
    \omega \tilde{G}_{A,B}(\omega)=\left< {[A,B]}\right>+G_{[A,H],B}(\omega)
    \tilde{G}_{A,B}(\omega)=\int dt G_{A,B}(t)e^{+i\omega t}
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