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Green's function? Physical interpretation?

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    Green's function?? Physical interpretation??

    Hi friends..

    Can anyone help me to understand the physical interpretation of the green's function with help of some physical application example such as that from electrostatic?? I am unable to understand what is meant by linear operator in green functions equation??? Response of the system to a disturbance?? Source density etc....
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    Green's function visualizes the effect of source concentrated at a point on different points of the domain
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    One may think of a Green's function as the response of a system i.e., the effect due to a unit cause.
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    As others have said, it is the physical system response to an impulse driving force. In addition to Wiemster's example

    1. For the wave equation that describes surface waves on a fluid, the Green's function would be a good approximation of the result of a rain drop hitting the surface

    2. The Green's function of the Helholtz equation describes the radiation from a point source with sinusoidal variation

    3. In solid structures, the Green's function would describe the response to the hit of a hammer (such tests with hammers are sometimes done in real life!)

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