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Homework Help: Group like terms factoring problem

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    The first thing I did was group like terms

    Then from the liked terms I factored out a [tex]\sqrt{x}[/tex] & -[tex]\sqrt{y}[/tex]


    Here is where I get stuck. The next step should be, (([tex]\sqrt{x}[/tex]-[tex]\sqrt{y}[/tex])([tex]\sqrt{x}[/tex]+[tex]\sqrt{y}[/tex]+2)/([tex]\sqrt{x}[/tex]-[tex]\sqrt{y}[/tex])

    However I'm just unsure how to jump to that next step.
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    Re: Factoring

    I think you want to use x-y=(sqrt(x)+sqrt(y))*(sqrt(x)-sqrt(y)).
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    Re: Factoring

    Thanks, that works out much nicer.
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