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Guidance in Gambit 2.4 -- How change airfoil chords in Wells turbine model?

  1. Oct 22, 2014 #1
    hi my dear friends,

    Wells turbine is the subject of the my Thesis:

    http://www.upload7.ir/imgs/2014-10/37346220310608280524.jpg [Broken]

    i make below model in gambit 2.4 ,But now I want to make the upper airfoil cord bigger than the bottom one.

    below model is constant,attention to third pictures( Attend dash line)

    http://www.upload7.ir/imgs/2014-10/02095749321854107784.jpg [Broken]

    [PLAIN]http://www.upload7.ir/imgs/2014-10/54732704053427838378.jpg [Broken] [Broken]

    http://www.upload7.ir/imgs/2014-10/33345987589287448245.png [Broken]

    Now Here,
    I do not think the sweep tool is efficient(attention to below picture ).

    http://www.upload7.ir/imgs/2014-10/42573181976873875991.jpg [Broken]

    I think that have the coordinates of the vertexes from the two airfoils(for blade),I can easily Create New model.

    Do not know of a site that would provide the coordinates airfoils with different chord?

    The following sites provides coordinates but I think cords are identical:



    Another way you know, Guide me.

    thanks for your help.

    Previous model:

    [PLAIN]http://www.upload7.ir/imgs/2014-10/54732704053427838378.jpg [Broken] [Broken]
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  3. Oct 23, 2014 #2
    There is no one answer:(

    thanks for your help.
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