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Guide for international students needed

  1. Aug 8, 2009 #1
    Hi everyone. I would like to ask questions since I am interested in studying at US university and previous threads and university website doesn't provide in-depth information. Since I can't go directly to graduate course with Bachelor degree because of admission criteria for my country (I am from EU where Bachelor degree course lasts 3 years while 4 years of study are required) I plan to obtain Master degree before. What are others admission requirements for top US graduate courses? Will my Bachelor course grades be taken into account or only Master course ones? Is getting into good university harder for international students? What should I do besides getting good grades and going to conferences? There is no other possibility to get any reaserch experience during bachelor course in my country than job practice course. Is that enough? Is getting TA possible and can I pay tuition fee and living with that or should I get a job?
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    http://www.gla.ac.uk/philosophy/Undergraduate%20Resources/Honours/Postgrad_Applications/PGAppsUS.htm [Broken]

    The above was written for uk students thinking about applying to US graduate schools. It's for philosophy students, but it's mostly applicable.
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    Thank you. However it doesn't solve all my problems since for example ppl from UK can take graduate course directly after bachelor one.
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