What is International students: Definition and 29 Discussions

International students, or foreign students, according to the OECD are "those who received their prior education in another country and are not residents of their current country of study." In 2018, there were over 5.6 million international students, up from 1.6 million in 2000. By 2020, the U.S, U.K., Canada and Australia received approximately 50% of international students. The United States counted almost 1.1 million, the United Kingdom had more than 550,000, whilst there were 503,270 and 463,643 international students in Canada and Australia respectively.

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  1. P

    New Visa Restrictions on International Students

    What are your thoughts on this new ruling from the administration limiting the visa term for international students? Is there any way this can be stopped like the previous one was (about international students leaving the country if they take all in person classes during the fall)? This is the...
  2. atyy

    International students may need to leave US if their universities transition to online-only learning

    https://edition.cnn.com/2020/07/06/politics/international-college-students-ice-online-learning/index.html International students may need to leave US if their universities transition to online-only learning
  3. C

    News Current Events in US/UK = Academic Boon for Canada?

    The CBC is reporting a drastic rise in international student applications to Canadian universities. University of Toronto applications, for example, are up by over 80%. Many are speculating that this is due to uncertainty generated by the recent actions of the new American president and...
  4. J

    Physics Paid physics Internships for international students

    Hi there, I am looking for a paid physics internship for undergraduate international students in US and Europe. The internship should be in experimental high energy physics or Astrophysics.

    Programs Online degree for international students with financial aids

    Hi, everyone I am from Egypt where education is not good at all so, I am using MOOCs a lot I have just know about online degrees and I want to ask if there are online degree for international students with financial aids are these really matter and considerable for a scholarship ?? if...
  6. K

    PhD's in Physics in the UK for International Students

    Dear all, I am reaching the end of my 4 year integrated masters degree in Physics at Imperial College London. I expect to graduate with a low to medium first class and have taken theoretical modules throughout. I am interested in theoretical physics and quantum optics and want to do a PhD but...
  7. P

    PGRE is a must for international students for Canada?

    I've recently completed a four year honours undergraduate degree (Mphys-astrophysics) at university of Hertfordshire, UK with 2:1 classification. And I'm planning to apply for MSc/PHD in HEP at a Canadian university. I was wondering if Canadian universities are 'too strict' on PGRE scores...
  8. N

    Schools Low cost tuition universities for international students in the US?

    Hi, I am an international student and currently studying at community college. The tuition and living cost is pretty low here. One credit hour costs me $179 (international student), and one month living (meal+housing) costs $350. However, four year universities are pretty much expensive. I just...
  9. S

    Astrophysics Summer Internships for International Students

    Hi Guys, I'm an international student at Columbia University getting my undergraduate degree in Astrophysics. I'm planning to do summer research, and I'm thinking of schools outside of Columbia University. This has been difficult as most REUs stipulate US citizenship or Permanent Residence...
  10. I

    Schools Schools in North America having same fees for international students

    Hello My friend is studying computer science/engineering and wants to apply to Canada and US for MS. Of course he is looking for schools with low tuition fees. Can you suggest some ? One of the schools (www.sfu.ca) he found in Canada has same fees for domestic and international students...
  11. S

    US Astrophysics Internship for International Students

    Hi guys, I'm from Singapore and am starting my studies in Astrophysics in Columbia in like 2 weeks! I am so excited! I am planning a bit ahead and looking at REU website for next summer's internships, and I really want an internship in my field of astrophysics. Looking through that website...
  12. A

    Non-NSF funded REUs for international students

    This may be a little too late but does anyone know of any non-NSF funded REUs for international students (for instance like perimeter) although God knows when they will start accepting applications. It doesn't matter what subject they are physics, math, chem , bio or any engineering, please let...
  13. P

    International students and U.S. schools

    It's no big secret that there's a huge population of International students who come to America to get a college education. I think at my University something like 30% are international students (may be higher). I'm wondering though - how do they afford it? Education is expensive for...
  14. O

    Career in NASA for International students

    Hey all..what are the career options for international students/expereinced persons in NASA... wish to join this premier organisation...i hve done masters in physics and a thesis on nuclear physics as well..after tht now i have a expereince of 2 years as a software engineer in an IT company...
  15. N

    Summer research for international students

    Hi everyone! First of all, I'm sorry for possible grammar mistakes, because English is not my native. I'm a 3rd-year student at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. I have a strong background in physics and math, my GPA is 4.8/5.0. I'm looking for summer internship program which is...
  16. R

    Guide for international students needed

    Hi everyone. I would like to ask questions since I am interested in studying at US university and previous threads and university website doesn't provide in-depth information. Since I can't go directly to graduate course with Bachelor degree because of admission criteria for my country (I am...
  17. C

    Schools Which engineering schools give scholarships to international students?

    I am an Indian national and am a freshman at the National Institue of Technology [Calicut],in India where I am studying Mechanical Engineering. However it has always been a dream of mine to study at top university in the U.S.I have a strong longing to write my SATS over the coming summer and...
  18. K

    Testing Tips for SAT Exam: Advice for International Students

    hi, i have my SAT exams this saturday. i was wondering whether anyone would be having some tips concerning the test. I'm an international student (from mauritius). my mathematics is ok, but the english section might be hard, specially for words i never met before!
  19. K

    Schools UK universities for international students

    hi, i have been researching over some UK uni, but most unfortunately most of them do not give full scholarships. anyone knows any decent UK uni which gives good scholarships? and i wanted to know about the different ways to fund an educationin a UK uni when you are an international student. i...
  20. G


    Because i was going through some university web sites, and it says have to be a US citizen.
  21. V

    Schools International students & applying to U.S. grad schools

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know how widespread it is for graduate schools to set a "quota" on international graduate school applicants? Or even if it's not a quota, how often they set higher minimum grades / GRE scores for admission? I talked to UVa and Stony Brook and they say that they don't...
  22. siddharth

    Summer REU for international students

    I'd like to know if it's possible for non US-citizen students to apply for the research experience for undergraduate programs in various US universities? Many of the websites of the universities clearly state that the REU programs are only for US citizens, while others don't answer this...
  23. W

    Nuclear Engineering - International Students

    Hi every one! I got a question about studying nuclear engineering. Will international students encounter any difficulties when studying NE in US due to its sensitive nature? I am quite interested in NE, but I am afraid that there would be a lot of restrictions for international students in...
  24. G

    Schools US universities for international students

    I’m currently enrolled in high-school in Denmark, a little Scandinavian country. Lately I have seriously considered going to the US to get a university degree, however I’m wondering what is required. My ultimate dream would be to go to MIT or a similar top university. Of course I know this will...
  25. D

    Schools Advice on Universities in Canada for international students.

    I’m a student of A’ Level with Phys, Chem., Math, Further Math and General Paper English as my subjects. I just wanted to know which Canadian universities are not only good for their mechanical/electrical engineering programmes but are also affordable for international students (low tuition...
  26. E

    Do International Students Need Letters of Recommendation?

    Most schools in North America need letters of recomendation, do international students need to also submit them? 4 schools I will apply: Canada's UBC (Yeah-- Vanqver -- I like citi libraries, so many, really like it). Michigan State, Sandiego, Berkeley. (I will add or omit some after you...
  27. A

    Schools University for International students (Brazilian)

    I am a Brazilian student, just leaving the High School at the end of the year. I am actually at the moment, looking for a good university in the Physics and Mathematics area. I haven't decided yet, if I want to take a course in pure Physics or any Engineering. I would like very much to study in...
  28. Clausius2

    GRE Test: Requirements for American & International Students

    Well, next Friday I'm going to take the GRE (General Record Examination) test. It is almost sure that I'm not going to have a high score, mainly due to the lack of specific american vocabulary. The verbal section is going me mad. So that I want to know what does the GRE exactly mean: -Is...