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Homework Help: Guide with Forces, Motion, Newton's Laws & Momentum

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    I'd like guidelines on how to go about my assignment. I don't need the answers to the quetions, but rather an explanation on what should be in the answer. Below is the assignment, I need help with the bolded part of the quote and nothing else. Thanks alot! The ictalized parts are what I'm done with.

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    What do you think? You didn't offer your opinion on what you think should be there. Is this the first time you've written a lab report? Those are pretty specific questions, so that makes it fairly straightforward. The point of the discussion is to explain the results in terms of the laws you are investigating (do they agree? why/why not?) and to show you understand what's going on. Just answer the questions and explain your reasoning. Read your textbook for relevant material. I'm sure you must have some ideas about your sources of error/limitations since you were the one taking the measurements. Explain what they are and what impact they may have had on your experiment.
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