Guy carries firearm while attending town hall meeting


    Discuss. Did he pose a threat carrying a concealed weapon in his pocket? Do you think he had latent intentions other than opposing Obama's healthcare plan?
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    The Secret Service plans events like this months in advance and would have undoubtably had previous communications with the man beforehand. People don't typically get to walk around with a gun near a presidential event without getting carried off at gunpoint unless the SS knows about it.
  4. Just a nuisance IMO.
  5. That doesn't make sense to me. The SS could not possibly anticipate who would show up and who would not at these kinds of events; I pretty sure if they were predicting gun violence, they would have contacted New -hampshire police about telling their citizens not to carry gunds and would have told citizens not to bring guns to these events; The article says that the man didn't break any state laws concerning carrying a handgun and so I don't understand how he would possibly be arrested; There isn't any federal law that I am aware of that says you are not allowed to carry weapons to events where the president will be present;
  6. meh, so what? He's is just one man that is carrying that people know about. He just wanted to make a political statement.

    Most people who carry don't make it public information. Like myself. I don't appreciate it because it gives us who carry a bad rap. If the yuppies actually knew how many people actually carry concealed handguns around them, they would freak out.
  7. This is a good point. There was nothing illegal about it. The President or the SS cannot simply deny people their legal rights on a whim. This is the US for crying out loud. If it were in a federal building then of course, that's the policy for a federal building. But this was a church.
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    Events with the president are made far in advance. If this person wanted to have a protest or give out information, he would contact the police who would in turn contact the secret service. If you simply walk up out of the blue with a gun where the president is going to be, they will talk to you or bring you in. In either case, they will know who you are and where you are at all times. For all we know, he may have had an unloaded weapon and been searched prior to it. Just because the media was surprised doesn't mean the secret service was.
  9. He didn't contact police or make prior arrangements. And I'M SURE his gun was loaded. Carrying an unloaded gun in public is idiotic. Carrying an unloaded gun on your leg for any reason is idiotic. He was simply making a statement and doing so peacefully, though I don't condone it, he wasn't breaking any laws.
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    So carrying a loaded gun near an event with the president is the non-idiotic option...? Guess that's one way of looking at it...
  11. I think it's idiotic. But openly carrying an unloaded gun can attract gunfire that you are not equipped to return. If there is word worse than idiotic, that would describe the individual who carries an unloaded firearm openly, in public.

    But, I would have no problem carrying my handgun, concealed, to this event. I would call that "prudent".
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    Ok, in pretty much every other situation I'd obviously agree. However, in this one very special situation, being surrounded by other people with weapons who aren't necessarily hoping to kill you and that you've consulted with... i think it's quite safe.
  13. The secret service can do what ever they feel is necessary, within reason, to protect the president. When ever the president is going to be present at a location the secret service set up well in advance, as Pengwuino points out, and they block off the streets for at least a block radius. Depending on the situation people may not be allowed into the area where the president will be unless they have been vetted by the Secret Service. Any person who is in the same room with the president has most likely been vetted before hand.

    Considering the circumstances if all he wanted to do was make a statement and he was told he would not be allowed to carry the firearm loaded I am sure that he would have gone along with it. Otherwise I seriously doubt that they would have let him in.
  14. Was carrying a loaded gun near the presence of the president a bad idea? Perhaps it was. Was it his right to do so (in a non-federal building)? Yes. Should it be? No.
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    Was I saying whether it was a good or bad thing to do? or that he did or didn't have the right to?
  16. I disagree with your last statement. We do not lose our rights just because the President is in our vacinity. The SS should have held the meeting in a more controlled environment IMO. Like a federal building. But if he is going to mingle in our "presence" he does so at risk.
  17. If our president is going to MINGLE in our presence he does so at risk. lol? Thats messed up.
  18. Lol... isn't that a bit rediculous? We have an agency devoted (mostly) to defending the president and spend millions on protecting him yearly but we are going to tell him that he ought to just assume the risk if he happens to go to a public place?
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    If the secret service would have deemed him a threat, I think it's safe to say that threat would have been neutralised. Given the amount of effort you put into protecting your president, there is no chance that just anyone will be allowed to stroll around with a gun as the president walks next to him to a planned meeting. As it was, the worst thing that happened was probably the town paying for a few extra police officers to be on duty.
  20. It is a risk for the President to appear in public. Remember Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, JFK? That is 4 out of 44. It is extremely risky to appear in an uncontrolled environment, like a private church. The Presidency is the most dangerous occupation in America. I don't care how much money you spend on the SS.

    Editing the "attempts successful". I meant to say almost 1 out of 10 Presidents are assissinated.
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  21. He wasn't a threat. He was just carrying his pistol on his leg in a completely legal nonthreatening fashion.

    If the President is going to appear in public, where the public has the right to carry openly...
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