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Gyroscope behaviour during 24 hours on earth

  1. Jan 12, 2016 #1

    is my assumption correct ?

    precision gyroscope,sitting on the table during 24 hours, perfectly balanced, with free motion in all 3 axis, while still spinning using electric drive or compressed air to maintain motion...

    there should be relative motion between gyro and its stationary holder in all 3 axis( assuming im not at the poles) but at some latitude less than 90.

    gyro disk should keep orientation and holder will move with earth, but from my reference frame i will see holder stationary and gyro disk will move

    gyro-5-638.jpg AxialTiltObliquity.png Effect-of-earth-rotation-on-Gyro-at-Equator.png
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    Not necessarily a motion in all 3 axes, it depends on the orientation of the axes relative to the rotation axis of Earth.
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    i think because of tilted earth axis, except poles, the point on the sphere surface( gyro holder) has to move in all 3 axis
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    Tilt relative to an arbitrary reference frame?
    You can consider everything from the reference frame of Earth, aligned with the axis of rotation.
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