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Hamiltonian Systems and Liouville Integrability

  1. Oct 5, 2009 #1

    I am a mathematics junior and I am doing a research project on hamiltonian systems and liouville integrability (don't ask why...). I am using the book by Vilasi, a graduate level book, but I am finding it quite difficult and badly written; for instance he uses functional analysis and differential geometry concepts without defining things, explaining or proving certain things. He also expects you o already know Hamiltonian dynamics. So I was wondering if there is a relatively simple book that would cover Liouville integrability (NOT Liouville's theorem as given "[URL [Broken] for phase space)? By relatively simple, I mean ofcourse accessible to me, a junior math student (all the physics I once knew I have mostly forgotten, but I am using Goldstein to help me along the way).
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    I guess this means no one can help me?
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