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Happiness in learning and seeking knowldage. What do you think?

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    Do you enjoy learning new things, seeking undersetanding on how the nature works, and feel amazed by it? Or maybe how electronics works, or marybe how we produce energy? or all.
    Can some one really feel happy/enjoy learning?. Can you balance your life with your career and social life? They always portrait scientist as socially impaired or inadapted. Just some toughts from a dude who goes university in 7 months. What do you think?
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    Personally, I feel happy only when I am either learning or teaching. (Although, in fact, teaching also entails learning.)
    Amazement is just your brain's way of saying "Holy ****! That is cool!"
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    I think most people here will agree that they enjoy learning and attempting to understand how the world works. Otherwise, people would probably not be studying physics.
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    That sounds totally awesome =). Hey what is your career? Is Mechanical Eng. a good one to choose?
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    Yeah good point BTW
    im kinda getting attached to this forum, when i find a job i will try to donate or something.
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    Hello AlexES16

    Great thread subject

    I am a 61yo retired mechanical engineer, I study at least five hours everyday. I am interested in practically everything which I think is a problem, I have a hard time focusing and I am not the type to be a specialist. This week alone, I have been studying cosmology, geology, anthropology, and archaeology (paleo-indians). This is why I like this forum.

    When I was working (40 years in the aircraft and marine industries), I would study at least two hours everyday and was into aeromarine vehicles (both manned & unmanned): seaplanes, wing in ground effect vehicles, submarines, submersible aircraft, etc.

    I bounce between technology and nature on a somewhat yearly cycle, and subjects within these categories daily.

    I created a knowledge & experience database in excel (back in the mid-90s) to capture noteworthy items and their source. Prior to that (mid-70s) I would use index cards

    Because of my widespread interests, I tried to have a guiding goal, currently it is Origins such as: origin of the universe, Milky Way, Solar System, Earth, Life, and Humans.

    Studying is like a hobby to me.
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    Jeez... you must have loved the flying sub from 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea'. :tongue:

    Okay, I admit that it tickled my fancy a tad. In fact, I still have the plastic model. I recall that sometime I saw an article from the 50's or 60's (maybe in Popular Mechanics) about a real version. For some reason, I see it sitting on skids on a lake. Must have been a landing or take-off picture.
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    Hi Danger, My interest in submersible aircraft began when I read Jules Verne Master of the World. The vehicle in this book was called Terror and it was an aircraft, automobile, boat, and submarine.

    But, I did like FS-1 on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

    I believe the flying sub you are talking about can be seen at the attached linkhttp://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,703.0/highlight,submersible aircraft.html"

    Back in October, 2008 DARPA was requesting bids for a submersible aircraft and made downselect to three contractors, then Congress postponed it in July, 2009.
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    There's too much stuff to be interested in to ever stop actively trying to learn new things.

    There aren't any boring topics. Only boring people.
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    If my screen had hands, I would high-five you on that.
    Gannet... sorry, but your link, and the links that it led to, have nothing to do with what I was talking about.
    The craft that I remember landed on skids (skids, mind you, not pontoons), transitioned to hydrojets, and sank. Upon surfacing, it transitioned back to turbojets and took off with the skids. I'll try to find something more tangible regarding the project.
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    I hear proper English is a good thing to learn.
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    Or, properly, "I hear that proper English is a good thing to learn." :tongue:
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    English = my second language.
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    I did not have problem with it; however, try this link

    There are eight pages of submersible aircraft
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    Kalam, you would benefit greatly from reading "The English as How She is Spoke" by José da Fonseca and Pedro Carolino. It's sort of a Portuguese/English dictionary. :biggrin:

    No joy on the upgrade, Gannet. There was nothing wrong with the original link other than the fact that it had nothing to do with the machine that I'm referring to. Also, the original that I'm thinking of was not in Russian; that was a serious no-no in Yankee literature during the time frame that I have in mind.
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    I absolutely love learning. Believe it or not, it's one of the reasons I enjoy teaching so much. I love encountering the students who ask questions I can't answer, which gives me a new question to look up and learn more about.

    And, yes, you can enjoy learning and have a social life and be a normal person too. Though, normality is overrated. :wink:
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    I'm pretty sure that anyone who is 'normal' won't be participating in GD. They will tend to haunt the serious forums.
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    Hey =). Wow i want to be a mechanical engineer and i love learning, and i know that i will totally love studying interesting things and how thing works. The only worries i have, its if you can balance this with your social life, lets say having your girlfriend and having also other kind of fun.

    What do you think?
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    I dont if i can say this in this forum but i mean the best combo will be love learning and having a great sex life. As must people have say in this forum you can, so im going for it.
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    Some students are adept at balancing social life with school, but I found it difficult. I didn't date while I was taking upper division classes, I simply didn't have the time.

    Remember, school is only temporary and you have to keep your priorities in mind. You *can* have everything, but maybe not all at the same time.
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