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Happy to have more responsibilities

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  1. Aug 23, 2010 #1
    Do you feel comfortable or happy to have more responsibilities e.g. taking care of someone's valuable possession or making a promise like helping someone getting a job? I always clarify the problems that might develop when making any promise or taking additional responsibilities.
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    Re: Responsibilities

    Clarifying any problems that might arise is part of the responsibility though, making and keeping promises is good, fills you with an enormous sense of well being.
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    Re: Responsibilities

    I usually avoid taking responsibility, only if someone close asked/begged me, or if someone being treated unfairly [regarding job/school/whatever] I will do whatever I can, and if it's done, I don't feel happy as much as I feel satisfied... Heck I do sound like him! And I keep nagging about his attitude! :grumpy:
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    Re: Responsibilities

    I hate taking on responsibilities beyond myself or making promises. Unfortunatly, or fortunatly I suppose, I tend to end up being put into positions of responsibility and I tend to do well and succeed.
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    Re: Responsibilities

    I don't like to take additional responsibilities,that shouldn't be my responsibilities.It seems like we shouldn't make a promise facilely,but once we make,we should do it.
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