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Schools Has anyone attended University of Colorado?

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    Boulder campus for engineering? Did you like the curriculum and campus?
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    I'm a current EE student there and really enjoy it. From your other thread, I'll tell you that they have a lot of aerospace projects going on there. Check out this website.


    Overall, I would say it's a pretty difficult school. The applied math department will really kick your butt with Calc 1-3 and then Diffy Q/Linear Algebra. They put a fairly heavy workload in their classes, mostly due to the projects they assign. But you'll learn a lot of math modeling and MATLAB from those classes so it's worth it.

    The campus is beautiful and right next to the mountains. Once the weather gets a little warmer, I plan on going on some hikes in between classes. Many students use various modes of transportation around campus: bikes, skateboards, longboards, even unicycles. Haha so when you're walking you might have to be cautious because they usually won't give a walker the right away which sometimes can get a bit annoying. In contrast to other campuses I've attended, everyone here is pretty social which is going to be a huge benefit once looking for a job comes near. It's also great when looking to study in groups and of course friendship. Let me know if you have anymore questions or PM me, whichever.
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    I'm going to check it out tomorrow morning.. signed up for some tour thing. I wrote my 2 personal essays tonight. do you know what the acceptance rate is?
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