What is Colorado: Definition and 16 Discussions

Colorado ( (listen), other variants) is a state in the Mountain West subregion of the Western United States. It encompasses most of the Southern Rocky Mountains as well as the northeastern portion of the Colorado Plateau and the western edge of the Great Plains. Colorado is the eighth most extensive and 21st most populous U.S. state. The 2020 United States Census enumerated the population of Colorado at 5,773,714, an increase of 14.80% since the 2010 United States Census.
The region has been inhabited by Native Americans for more than 13,000 years, with the Lindenmeier Site containing artifacts dating from approximately 9200 BCE to 1000 BCE; the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains was a major migration route for early peoples who spread throughout the Americas. The word "Colorado" comes from the Spanish word for "colored red." The Territory of Colorado was organized on February 28, 1861, and on August 1, 1876, U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant signed Proclamation 230 admitting Colorado to the Union as the 38th state. Colorado is nicknamed the "Centennial State" because it became a state one century after the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence.
Colorado is bordered by Wyoming to the north, Nebraska to the northeast, Kansas to the east, Oklahoma to the southeast, New Mexico to the south, Utah to the west, and touches Arizona to the southwest at the Four Corners. Colorado is noted for its vivid landscape of mountains, forests, high plains, mesas, canyons, plateaus, rivers, and desert lands. Colorado is one of the Mountain States and is a part of the western and southwestern United States.
Denver is the capital and most populous city in Colorado. Residents of the state are known as Coloradans, although the antiquated "Coloradoan" is occasionally used. Colorado is a comparatively wealthy state, ranking eighth in household income in 2016, and 11th in per capita income in 2010. Major parts of the economy include government and defense, mining, agriculture, tourism, and increasingly other kinds of manufacturing. With increasing temperatures and decreasing water availability, Colorado's agriculture, forestry and tourism economies are expected to be heavily affected by climate change.

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  1. gleem

    Mysterious Drones in Colorado and Nebraska

    In the last month up to sixteen drones have been spotted at night fly together. Commercial enterprises who use drones in the area deny any involvement with them. They fly in the restricted space designated for drone and do not require notification of the FAA. It has been reported that they are...
  2. E

    How Was the Iconic Colorado Lounge Recreated in 3D Using Blender?

    This took me almost a month to make. It's a CGI model (blender 2.79) of the Colorado lounge, which is part of the Stanley hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. The room was featured in the 1980 Stanley Kubrick horror film "the shining". I was plumb out of ideas for what to make next in 3D, but I saw...
  3. Delta31415

    Schools Colorado Boulder physics undergrad

    So recently I was accepted into CU Boulder COS&A for physics :) I was wondering how good is the physics program( I know its good but I have heard bad things as well). how good is it education wise(research-wise I know it's near the NIST), however, its a large state school does this impact it...
  4. M

    Thermodynamics: Compression of an Adiabatic Gas

    Homework Statement Assume 1.500 mol of a monatomic ideal gas is compressed from 3.00 L to 1.00 L. a. If the initial and final temperature is 10.0 °C, what are the initial and final pressures (in atm)? b. How much work input (in kJ) is required if a reversible isothermal path at 10.0 °C is...
  5. C

    What inspires a Colorado girl to change the world?

    My name is Brianna. I am Colorado Native and wouldn't change it for the world. ☆ I love anything to do with the outdoors. I am a fashion/runway model in my spare time and work as a Business Administration Assistant for an HVAC and Roofing company. ♡ I love children, Audrey Hepburn, the color...
  6. S

    Columbia vs U of Arizona vs U of Colorado Boulder

    Help guys ! I've been accepted into Columbia University, University of Arizona and University of Colorado Boulder to study Astrophysics ! But I don't know which one to pick... Which one has the best Physics / Astrophysics program ? My dream is to work towards a PHD level and find work as an...
  7. L

    Aerospace Engineering at CU Boulder or Mech E. at Colorado School of Mines

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any advice. I have the opportunity to study at either Colorado School of Mines for MECH Eng. or at CU Boulder for Aerospace Eng. I wish to work in engine design at NASA or Space X or really anywhere eventually. So I was wondering if anyone had any...
  8. K

    Schools Has anyone attended University of Colorado?

    Boulder campus for engineering? Did you like the curriculum and campus?
  9. 9

    Just got accepted into Colorado State wanna start preping now.

    I am a senior at Fort Collins HS who got accepted to Colorado state university. The counsler was legit with me, as I am a undeclared student. Engineering is hard... legitamatly hard. I accidently took HS general physics with NO prerequisets... No chemistry and I was currently in Algebra 2. I...
  10. Wellesley

    Discover the Top-Ranked Engineering Programs at Colorado School of Mines

    I'm heading out to CSM for the fall semester, and I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about the school. I've done some research and I know the "party line", but I'd really like to hear what people on PF think about the school, or it's reputation. I'm planning to go into either Chemical or...
  11. J

    Job Skills Engineering at a Colorado or California University?

    (For engineering)? Seriously considering attending out of state in Colorado, and wondering if it would be better to attend a university in Colorado, or one in California. For hiring purposes, is California a better state for schools? Granted, this is in regards to attending a university that is...
  12. J

    Schools How much does it cost to attend a university in California or Colorado

    In California, How much money per year does it cost to go to a university, say the university of Sacramento-CA? (Or the out of tuition fees per year at a university in Colorado?) Does it cost more than $11,000 per year? And how much money does FAFSA provide to a student who meets the GPA...
  13. L

    Schools Is it easier to get into a University in Colorado than it is to in California

    Since schools in California offering engineering M.A.s, B.A.s, and P.H.D.s are for the most part very competitive, would it be easier to get into a university in say Colorado?
  14. BobG

    Directions from Colorado Springs to Milan?

    "Google maps" is great! I can get directions from home to anywhere in the world. Step 29 might be fun...
  15. B

    Where Can I Find Physics Groups for Networking and Discussion in Colorado?

    I am currently living in Colorado Springs, CO and am debating whether or not I want to go back to school to earn a second undergraduate degree in physics and then hopefully go on to earn a Ph.D. I started out in college as a physics major but switched to behavioral science. I am hoping to...
  16. enigma

    News Colorado you ELECTED this moron?

    Colorado... you ELECTED this moron?!? http://www.cnn.com/2005/POLITICS/07/18/congressman.muslims.ap/index.html Because you know... we live by Hammurabi's code in the 21st century.