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Has anyone have seen this QFT book?

  1. Sep 24, 2010 #1
    I got a e-book on QFT few months ago.but this one hasn't chapter 1 and title and index etc.i.e all the informations about author.but this book is really good,I want to see the full version,it's recommed to anyone who interests in QFT.It's style is a little mathematical but keep good physical insights also.And contains many interesting materials.What is most important ,this book develops qft step by step,not 'a pathintegral and some feynman rules directly',and keep a balance to not to be too 'general' and 'axiomic',mainly treats easy and meaningful materials.It's suitable for a beginner.

    the content of this book is below

    2 Classical field theory
    3 Symmetries
    4 Quantum fields
    5 Free field theory
    6 Gauge field theories
    7 Supersymmetry
    8 Path integral quantization
    9 Pertubation theory
    10 Quantum fields in external sources
    11 Properties of the scattering matirx
    12 The structure of feynman diagrams
    13 Quantum electrodynamics
    14 Ultrviolet divergences and renormalization
    15 Renormalization to all orders
    16 The renormalization group
    17 The effective action
    18 Symmetry breaking
    19 Dynamical symmetry breaking

    I'm not sure whether there are chapter 20 or 21...
    Does anynoe know this book?
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    Yes, it's by David Gross, and it's very good. Maybe you should buy it :wink:
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    wow, I don't know David Gross also published some book about QFT,
    could you give me the title?
    I googled but I can't find it.
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    There's a David J. Gross, a Nobel prize winning physicist.

    I'm coming up empty on a google search as well. Perhaps this is a review article or unpublished notes?

    ...OK, I found "Lectures on Quantum Field Theory" by D. Gross on a dodgy looking Russian language site:

    http://megalib.org/rd/en/D37894675650F29831050985EDC1FA767B64AE85/index.htm [Broken]

    Here it is again:


    But I can't find any other record of such a book.
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    yes,when I downalded this one,its title said that it's written by Gross.I had google it,but found only F.Gross's book.I'm not sure whether it's written by D.Gross.Do you know any more details about this?
    Thank you for your help
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    my ebook is as the same as these two,no toc no chapter 1. Maybe you are right,it's an unpublished notes,just like some of Georch's lectures.
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