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B Has anyone tested a polarization filter sending through photon by photon?

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    To properly test a filter, I understand we can use a source of vertically polarized light. We send photon by photon say 1000 though a filter at, for example, 45 degrees the count the ones on the other side. We should get roughly 500, depending of the quality of the setup.
    I was interested in a link to a paper that presents such an experiment.
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    Don't think such a paper would make it through the reviewing process. Better check textbooks and such.
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    Every low-power beam of incoherent light does that experiment indirectly. Nothing would work if the filters wouldn't filter as they should.

    It is hard to find publications for something everyone uses. As comparison: It is easy to find papers discussing solar flares, but hard to find papers verifying that the sun does exist.
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    I like the analogy with the sun.
    I can safely exclude this possibility( in the op).
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    Yes, that's probably true, unless it showed a different result. But, indeed, seems very unlikely. If there was one, it didn't show a different result.
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    Thanks for the link.
    Although they claim the source to be very efficient, I don't think such a source is absolutely necessary. However, it should work better.
    A BBO crystal can be used I guess, to confirm every photon similarly to the setup in the Delayed Choice QE, by Kim et. al.
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