Has the economy affected your summer vacation plans?

In summary, the global financial crisis has had a negative effect on the economy, but it has not had a negative effect on the tourist industry.f

Has the economy affected your vacation plans?

  • Yes [US]

    Votes: 6 22.2%
  • Yes [Not US]

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  • No [US]

    Votes: 14 51.9%
  • No [Not US]

    Votes: 5 18.5%
  • Maybe [US]

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • Maybe [Not US]

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Ivan Seeking

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Would you or your close family members normally take a vacation, but won't this year because of the economy?

Please indicate by your selection if you live in the US or not. Obviously we can't list every possible country of origin, but it could be mentioned in a post along with your perception of the economic effects that the global financial crisis has had on your community.
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I voted no.

I think traveling is getting cheaper because of the crisis. Luckily, my family has secure jobs to enable everyone to travel if they'd like to.
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My economy says I work for a living. So yeah...
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Crap, can i change my vote! I was jokingly thinking "no, it gets hot as hell here and the economy isn't stopping us from going to the coast at least a few times!". Come to think of it though, I personally might take advantage of the tourism industry really suffering and going to maybe Reno for some cheap hotels.

To be fair though, most people in my family that take vacations are on fixed incomes so the economy doesn't change things much... although I've given this question like 10 real seconds of thought.
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I voted no (US) but special case. Because of my sensitivity to fragrance chemicals and some food additives, my wife and I don't travel, and that's not changing. If I was able to travel, I probably would try to take advantage of lower air fares and get around to see some older folks that I know around the country. I have some telephone-buddies (generally collectors of historical items and militaria) that I have never met in person that I would like to visit, too. When you have spent perhaps 100 or more hours on the phone talking to a well-respected collector of some niche items (like Confederate-made pistols) and they ALWAYS keep in touch, it's hard not to consider them friends. Losing the ability to travel really sucked, and it was made even more crappy when I started dealing with some of these fellows.
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We're planning our vacation around a travel schedule that will allow me to work during the day.
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I have no vacation time left because of 2 weeks of forced vacation. They have also changed the policy for vacation rollover. Now rather than being able to carry 80 hours over to the new year we start with no vacation and lose any that we haven't used.

So yes, my vacation plans have been affected.
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I said yes. Being that my business is heavily dependent on the manufacturing sector, the declining economy was apparent long ago. Hopefully I am beginning to see the early indicators of recovery. Two and a half years ago, things were great I was even planning to go to Russia to fly a MIG. Right after that things fell off a cliff. I had to make a deal with the devil last year in order to survive.

Here in Oregon we have had the highest or second highest unemployment rate in the nation. Right now we are at a seasonally adjusted 12.1%, just behind Michigan, which is at 12.6%. In some areas of Oregon, we are approaching 20%. I was told that when one factors in people who quit looking long ago, we are closer to 30% in some areas.

One interesting exception to the local economy has been the commercial electric wholesalers. One of the biggest in the area has been claiming good numbers all along.
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I have 2 weeks vacation this summer. One week will be with my Dad, and the other spent up north at the cabin. I hope to get a few long weekends off to visit friends.
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The economy hasn't really affected me at all, so no, it won't change my vacation plans (not that I have any yet!)
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Yes, it greatly improved my vacation possibilities. I only get vacation when I report my work in conferences, and thanks to the current situation, we have a new administration supporting fundamental research :biggrin:
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Can I change my vote? Now that I'm unemployed I've got all the time in the world. They're even paying me for the next few months. Seems like a perfect time for a vacation.
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I voted No [US]. This year's vacation will be different from any we took before, but the economy has nothing to do with it. We are going to spend a week in Kent, England and then a week in Normandy, France.
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I voted no. Buying this house is cutting into my vacation plans this year, but not the economy (unless you consider that the economy is what made this house more affordable for me to decide to buy now rather than later). Though, once I'm done moving and unpacking, I may need a vacation!

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