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Hawking radiation

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    1. Do we have observational proof for hawking radiation? Or is it verified only theoritically?
    2. why is that only negative energy photon goes into blackhole and positive energy photon is going out from blackhole? what if the reverse happens? do we have an observatinal proof for this?
    3. can someone tell me about quantum fluctuations in simple terms?
    4. why the quantum fluctuations happening only near event horizon? do we have any proof for this?
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    I don't believe that Hawking Radiation has yet been observed.
    Take a look here for an answer to these to questions.
    By vacuum fluctuations, I think you mean pair production from the vacuum; this does not just happen near the event horizon of a black hole, but everywhere. However, as that article above says, these virtual pairs annihilate each other shortly after they are produced anywhere else in space. It is only near an event horizon that we get Hawking radiation, since one of the particles falls into the event horizon, and so cannot annihilate with its partner.
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    There is no direct observational evidence concerning Hawking radiation, but there is some indirect evidence concerning the (directly related) circular Unruh radiation, which has been considered explaining why ultra-relativistic electrons in storage rings do not reach 100% polarization.
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    Thank you for clearing my doubts...
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