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Heisenberg s uncertainity principle

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    existence of protons, neutrons nd alpha particles in the nucleus.
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    i want to know answer
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    Your question is unclear.
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    Electrons in atoms. I want the answer to that.
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    try a question we all know electrons are orbitting atoms, is there a specific question in regards to that?
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    No one knows WHY we observe the particles we do.

    No one knows why we observe the forces we do.

    They ARE characteristics of our universe....we are stuck with them!!

    You can read about Heisenberg uncertainty here and return if you
    have a specific question about that:


    It's not a simple 'principle'.
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    There is something very strange about this post, almost as if it is not from Matterwave at all.
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    looks like maybe his reply was omitted...
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    This thread is going nowhere fast. Baljit, please start again with a new thread. Try to explain what you are asking about. I think English is not your first language, so this is probably difficult for you, but you must try to state your question better. In this thread people cannot understand what you are asking about.
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