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Helicopter Winch - Rope Arranger About Rotating Cylinder

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    i am an aeronautical engineer student in need of some ideas for my groups mechanical design project. our project is to design a helicopter winch/hoist that meets the following requirements:
    1. is atleast 150ft long
    2. max 350kg load at a rate of 3ft/sec
    3. (deeper into design) has a safety coefficient of n=3 (currently less relevant)
    4. the winch will be used only when helicopter is static

    my main goal as of now is to find the best designs/ideas for a winch rope arranger (anti-overlap - so the cable doesn't overlap itself unless forced to do so).

    i have a few ideas in my head but there could be simpler ones out there. i'd appreciate some ideas or maybe links to existing patents. thanks :)
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    Welcome to the PF.

    We prefer to hear your ideas first, before offering any suggestions. What have you found so far in your research into how it is currently done? What are your ideas for the project? :smile:
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