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Hello! I'm an electrical engineer and a physicist

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    Hello there,

    My name is Sara and I have an electrical engineering degree from an American university and a physics degree in the field of nanophysics from a United Kingdom university.

    I would like to move to the field of astronomy and astrophysics.

    I joined this forum to learn, share knowledge as well as get career advise.

    Thank you.

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    Welcome to PF!

    Why are you thinking of changing directions to Astronomy and Astrophysics?
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    Hi Sara! Welcome!
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    Welcome to the forums!
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    Hello Sara,

    Having a double major in Physics and EE must be pretty awesome!

    I salute you,

    Angel- EE student
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    Ditto! :)
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    That does sound like a good combination.

    *waves at Sara* Hi!
  9. May 11, 2015 #8
    hai.. i'm syazwani sazali i studying in physics field..
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