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HELP! Chem BS+Phys BA, Chem BA+Applied Math BS, or Chem BS+Math/Phys minor?

  1. Aug 29, 2011 #1
    In short I'm a junior transfer with 1 year left to do my undergrad degree (constrained by time but mostly $). The physics major was too spread out for me to complete (since I only got to mechanics/EM last year); I chose chem because of the possibility of taking pchem. My math is Calc I-III and ODEs. So I'm on a chem track... For better or for worse.

    I'm interested in grad physics, and I guess I have mainly fundamental theoretical/math interests: quantum (mech+EM) and 'what comes after', and nuclear/particles.

    1. Now with this major, is an applied math BS (chem becomes BA) useless?
    2. Another option for me is to do a minor in physics (modern physics, and 2 electives) and a minor in math (proofs, linear algebra, 1 elective) with the chem BS. Is this better or worse?
    3. Last option is a Chem BS and Physics BA... How about this?

    My schedule deadline is Wednesday and my head is about to explode :( ANY advice is appreciated!
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    Anyone at all, please??
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