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Calculators Help entering formulas on calculator

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    I have both a HP-50g and a TI-89T so let's not get into the debate of which is better...

    I am basically trying to find the most efficient way to enter a bunch of formulas that I use over and over into either calculator. I would prefer some type of app where I can enter the formulas on a computer very quickly and then transfer them into the calculator. Possibly even some type of way where I can enter a few parameters in one place then use any formula to solve for unknowns.

    While I have both calc's and can do basic functions on both, I am pretty green at doing more advanced things such as programming, etc. so please try and keep any recommendations to those where there isn't a huge learning curve and I can be entering formulas within a few minutes....

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    There are many types of specialized third party apps for the 89:

    If you can't find the app you need, TI basic is pretty easy to learn.
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