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Calculators Need help deciding on a calculator

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    I had no idea where to post this.

    Anyways, I want to buy a graphing calculator. I am deciding between a Ti-89 Titanium and a Ti-Nspire CX. Or, is there another calculator you suggest?

    Right now I have a Ti-30XS, and I like the kind of logic used to enter my math into that. I don't like the reverse logic or whatever the other type is, that I believe CaSiO uses. Any help?
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    Simon Bridge

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    I'd have suggested an app for your touchscreen device these days. example
    Running a script language on a tablet or a netbook? - I've always found graphing calculators to be limited.
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    You didn't notice that we have a Calculators forum. :smile:

    (to which I've moved this thread)
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    Wolfram Alpha
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