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Help Fast Change in mass of Water

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    Help Fast!!!! Change in mass of Water

    Hi Everyone,

    I kind of need some quick help. If I am at a high temp 'x' and a high pressure 'p' (above 100 C and 1 atm)
    in a sealed container then the water will not be boiling. But let say that you open the top. Now the water is exposed to 1 atm and the water will want to boil and vaprize because the temp is above 100 C.

    How can I find out how much of the water actually vaporizes during the time it wants to go from temperature 't' to 100C. At 100C it will continue to boil but it won't be violently vaporizing, correct?

    I was thinking that I can use the change in enthalpy to figure it out but I got stuck with specific enthalpy. I have the mass of the water before I open the container. I bet you guys/girls can help me figure out the mass of the water when it gets to 100C at 1 atm then I can figure out how much vaporized, correct? I know the volume at temp 't' and pressure 'p' as well for water.

    Thanks in advance.
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