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Help finding sources for research paper

  1. Feb 18, 2016 #1
    Hello all! I am a senior in high school with a love for physics. In English, we were assigned an argumentative research paper with a topic of our choice. So, naturally, I chose String Theory, since it is a semi controversial topic in theoretical physics today. My only problem is that I have a lack of sources. Do any of you think that you could help me with sources that are pro- string theory? Thanks in advance!
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    Yep! already bought the book. I just need 19 more sources
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    You mean you already read the book? :)
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    19 more sources is totally unrealistic for a High School paper with the subject you have selected. A few respected sources would be sufficient. You will probably have to add a couple of fluff resources ie maybe a science rag or two (or three or four) if you teacher is insistent. Confirm that you NEED 20 sources (as nasu asked, "You mean you already read the book?"). This isn't a literature analysis and review of a Shakespearian play.
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