What is Research paper: Definition and 75 Discussions

The SSRN, formerly known as Social Science Research Network, is a repository for preprints devoted to the rapid dissemination of scholarly research in the social sciences and humanities and more. Elsevier bought SSRN from Social Science Electronic Publishing Inc. in May 2016.

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  1. Anjish

    Critical frequency of Faraday Waves?

    TL;DR Summary: A fluid on a vertically vibrating plate will, upon reaching a certain frequency and acceleration, produce standing waves on its surface. These are called Faraday waves, first described by Michael Faraday in 1831. Faraday waves are still an active area of research today, more than...
  2. mathhabibi

    I Requesting constructive criticism for my paper

    Hello PF! This is my very first post here. Just yesterday my paper was accepted by ArXiV, called "A Simple Continuation for Partial Sums". If you have time (it's 14 pages) you can take a look at it here. I was just interested in ways I could improve my paper or if it was completely useless in...
  3. al4n

    What would a design prototype research paper look like?

    I have minimal to no research experience (writing / conducting) so I might be asking basic or silly questions. However, I am desperate as I have an upcoming paper to write and have close to zero ideas on where to begin. I am confused on a lot of things and I am hoping that a few of them will be...
  4. M

    Other Name omitted from Professor's research paper- What should I do?

    Hi, I’m currently an upcoming senior and I have a somewhat sticky situation. This is regarding research at an internship I did one Summer ago. For the research, I did some numerical simulation using Matlab to help out with the Professor for 2 ½ months. Later on, I had a talk with the...
  5. E

    I Research paper and sources investigating Earth's moons

    Hi. I am looking for scientific papers, articles and/or even simulations that investigate how many moons it would be possible for earth to have and maybe modern theories about what these moons can be and look like (i.e what characteristics they have) if they were to exist. I have googled and...
  6. Ahmed1029

    Is recieving such an email on desk rejection a good sign?

    I recently submitted a self-authored article with no affiliation to a peer reviewed journal, which then got desk rejected. The email however wasn't a generic one; the editor made a comment about its content that clearly indicates he read the whole thing, but he didn't correct me or say anything...
  7. shivajikobardan

    MHB How to read research paper, textbook, long text content?

    I can read less text content easily. my way of reading it is to make slides of all those texts and learn from the slides. But I have issue with reading huge huge texts as you know in this case it will require too much time when I do this. Is there way to simplify this reading style? eg-: of...
  8. Physicistpropeller

    Programs Research paper reading suggestions

    Hey guys, I am currently in 11th grade. I am just used to solving Olympiad problems and proving some random theorems. I think i should start studying some reasearch papers for ny own benefit..any suggestions for where to start with? Suggest from intro to intermediate level...will be fine...
  9. F

    MHB Practical Application of Research Paper help

    I am attempting to write a software app based on a research paper: "Predicting Ambulance Demand: a Spatio-Temporal Kernel Approach" by Zhou and Matteson . Here is a link to the paper https://arxiv.org/pdf/1507.00364.pdf . I have questions on how to go about implementing the equations. In...
  10. L

    B Dark matter research paper question

    I'm writing a thesis for my high school research paper on dark matter. It's difficult to come up with a claim that is argumentative, engaging, and related to the research I've done on the scientific process in relation to theories about dark matter. Do you think I could reasonably argue that...
  11. Y

    A Quantum Gravity -- intro papers for 2nd year MSc student?

    Basically, I'm a Physics/Math MSc student. Currently strengthening my background in Diff. Geo., QFT, GR. I feel like I should start reading some research papers on Quantum Gravity but I do not know where to start. What papers should I start with? I need papers that are accessible to 2nd year...
  12. Wrichik Basu

    Have you suffered for delay in submission of research paper?

    Say you were doing some research on some topic. You were very enthusiastic with it, and you had devoted a large amount of time in the research. Perhaps you would have been the first to discover something or make a theory on it. Then all of a sudden, one day you discover that someone else has...
  13. H

    Programs Scientific papers that made major contributions

    Hello! I'm very interested in physics, and relatively new to it. I'm doing a degree in Engineering but interested in shifting the Major to physics. I'm requesting suggestions about scientific paper that EVERY physicist must read in order to get a certain command on the subject. I mean by that...
  14. D

    Other What are possible research questions to pursue in cosmology?

    Hi all! I am currently trying to figure out a possible original research question that I can pursue in cosmology. I don't have ready access to a particle accelerator or anything like that so I would assume that it would have to be theoretical. I am sorry to ask such a broad question, but I don't...
  15. F

    Physics The right physics field for me

    I have finished my masters degree in cosmology and my research was on inflation, despite it being interesting, I'm not really fond of doing simulations/computations using a computer for a very long time. Don't get me wrong, I know that every physicists should know at least some computational...
  16. K

    A What is the best program for MSEM? Student Request

    My research requires using the multilevel structural equation model (MSEM). I've read countless articles related to MSEM and I have not been able to pinpoint the best program. They vary from SPSS, MPlus, SAS, LISREL, AMOS, R2, etc. Any recommendations? I've asked around my academic circle and...
  17. Biscuit

    Exploring the Mysteries of Gravity: From the Higgs Field to Spaghettification

    For my senior project I am writing a paper on the Higgs Boson. Whatever project we decide to do we have to have an accompanying research paper. I am unable to write about anything that I mention in my paper (everything involving the Higgs). What are some related topics that I could do my second...
  18. Manoj Sahu

    Other How to write an IEEE level research paper?

    So I want to write a research paper and publish it before I complete my engineering degree this year. I have selected the topic which is "Analysis of the voltage regulation of Self excited induction generator using STATCOM". I have collected all the resources required and am also doing research...
  19. Manoj Sahu

    New Electrical Engineering Student Seeks Guidance on Writing Research Paper

    Hi. I am an electrical engineering student in my final year. I want to write a research or review paper this year before completing my degree. I haven't written any paper before. I don't know where to start. Will someone please guide me? In addition to that I haven't selected any topics so I...
  20. P

    I What Does MUV Mean in Astronomy? Understanding GN-z11 and its Redshift

    I was going through the following paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1605.08054.pdf In the 2nd line, it says, "GN-z11, a MUV=-21.1 galaxy at z=11.1." I know, what z=11.1 is. If I'm correct, it's the redshift of the galaxy which helps in measuring its velocity. I'm not quite sure, though, of what...
  21. P

    Admissions Should I read (if yes, how) arxiv as a freshman?

    I just graduated high school and will be starting my university studies in Physics. Now, I came across the site a while back and was just thinking of reading at least 1 paper everyday. By doing this, I feel like I'll be updated on what's happening in Physics currently (which field and which...
  22. katatosh

    Help finding sources for research paper

    Hello all! I am a senior in high school with a love for physics. In English, we were assigned an argumentative research paper with a topic of our choice. So, naturally, I chose String Theory, since it is a semi controversial topic in theoretical physics today. My only problem is that I have a...
  23. K

    Improve ways to recognise good research papers

    Hi everyone, good day to you. A friend and I think that the process of writing a papers (especially in sciences and maths) are rather troublesome due to the following reason: 1. Long journal review process 2. Selection of papers to be published are not transparent, a few negative reviews can...
  24. kq6up

    Exploring the Josephson Effect: A Research Paper

    I am working on a research paper on the topic of the Josephson effect. We are to write this paper as if it were to be published like a scientific journal entry. My professor did not like my abstract. It was probably too much like an introduction. I have reworked it. Could you guys comment...
  25. A

    How Does Air Pressure Affect Curveball Distance in Different Ballparks?

    Hello everyone, It's my first time posting, so I hope everyone is doing well. I am looking for some help for a high school research paper/lab I'm currently working on. Basically, I am investigating how the varying air pressures of different baseball parks have an effect on the distance traveled...
  26. Semiavas

    Writing my first paper for publishing, we or I?

    Hello, I came up with an idea, wen't through the steps and it consistently worked. So now I'm writing a paper on it to submit for publishing. Along with this being my first forum post this is my first paper to publish, and I'm also only in my undergraduate right now, so please pardon my...
  27. S

    Nuclear waste and depleted uranium research paper (No math)

    Homework Statement (This isn't a typical problem here so feel free to suggest an alternative forum category or website.) I'm trying to do research for a paper about nuclear waste and depleted uranium storage by the DOD. I have a lot of questions I need to answer before I can get too far into...
  28. C

    Suggestions on research paper on artificial satellites

    Hi PF community! I'm currently doing a research paper on artificial satellites, and I've made a list of things that I'm going to explain in it, but I'm worried that it won't be enough. So, I was wondering if you guys could help me to add more topics to my list and how to approach more widely to...
  29. C

    Help With Research Paper And Avoid Plagiarism

    So about a month ago I conducted a short study with 3 peers and presented it in the form of a research poster (and was not peer reviewed). It was conducted at an astronomical observatory and the poster was "published" in their summer proceedings, but no paper was submitted to a journal or...
  30. interhacker

    Can a Research Paper on Classical Physics make it to a good journal?

    I am starting University in September, 2014. I have some knowledge already on classical mechanics as I took optional Applied Math courses (called Mechanics 1 and Mechanics 2) in my mathematics A-Level. I am also self-studying the book Classical Mechanics by Goldstein, Poole and Safko to gain a...
  31. Abscissas

    What is the Current Understanding of Monopoles in Physics?

    Homework Statement I am looking for reliable sources with decent information on monopoles, this is a freshman research paper. I am just looking for books websites and any useful information on the topic. thank you Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I've gone to the...
  32. S

    Research paper citation question.

    Does anyone know what citation I should use for an academic paper in biochemistry?(like MLA, ALA, or what?)
  33. S

    Research paper citation question.

    Does anyone know what citation I should use for an academic paper in biochemistry?(like MLA, ALA, or what?)
  34. S

    Exploring GR: Topics for a Theoretical Physics Research Paper

    Hi people , i am an engineering sophomore. but after my undergrad i want to move into physics lane especially theoretical physics. for which i am doing ground works and building my profile ( as a non physics student , to get into good physics grad school i would need a good profile ofcourse !)...
  35. S

    Paul Dirac's 1933 research paper

    Hello, can somebody give me the link to Paul Dirac's research paper(1933) which showed that if any magnetic charge exists, then electric charge is quantized?
  36. A

    Schools Can I send a research paper to college?

    Hi, I'm 14 and i like physics too much to just stick with the Newton laws at school, I learned Calculus and Special Relativity, and now I'm learning Mathematical Background for Quantum, I was wondering... After I learn Quantum can I send a research to college (my dad gave me this idea)? And if I...
  37. V

    Please suggest some good topics for Maths research paper

    There is a student in US. He has completed 4 hours of high school and is applying for college. As part of the application procedure, he has to submit a research paper in Mathematics. He is a very good student. He accelerated math and enrolled for Differential Equation, while still being in...
  38. P

    DSP Software for Communication Systems

    Homework Statement DSP Technology Report Research a particular application of DSP, gathering enough information to deliver a 10 min oral report to the rest of the class. You can focus on hardware, software issues, or a specific algorithm. Give as much detail as possible. Homework Equations...
  39. P

    Help Acquiring a Research Paper From ScienceDirect

    Can someone help me get the research paper from here: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0360319999000087 I tried asking my teacher and even the deputy head but they couldn't help me. I hope someone from here can.
  40. R

    Physics research paper database

    In medicine and biology they have Medline which is a complete database of research papers---kind of a complete search engine of research papers in medicine and biology---which has free access to public. Is there anything comparable to this in physics---...
  41. M

    Need assistance on my physics research paper.

    I'm currently in high school Physics B AP, and we have been given a research project in which we can pick our own topic. The topic I have chosen to research is the Higgs boson, commonly known as the "god particle". We have to write a research paper (5-7 pages only), create a physical model of...
  42. G

    Research Paper topics for Electrical Engineering?

    Could anyone suggest me topics for writing a research paper? ares of interest may include: -Electrical engineering (power systems/electronics etc.) -embedded systems -matlab and simulink Thank you!
  43. K

    Exploring the Wonders of Electricity: Navigating the 8-Page Research Paper

    Hey guys, I have this 8 page research paper coming up. I decided to write about what electricity is, how it is created, and how does it power tools. My professor said it was too general so could you guys give me a specific topic related to electricity? Something do-able in 8 pages. Not too...
  44. E

    Need Help on Research Paper Topic

    I'm a freshman taking an intro to astronomy course. I was assigned a research paper on a topic in astronomy. I have to analyze a data set. Can i please have some ideas for topics? These are some examples:  What is the relationship between the mass of a black hole’s singularity and the distance...
  45. S

    Research Paper on Nuclear Power

    I am looking to write a paper on nuclear power. Our professor said the research/data (has to be peer-reviewed) that I will be using should be no more than 5 years old. What would be a good part of nuclear power to focus on? First I though effect of Japan's disaster on the rest of the...
  46. G

    Schools As a college sophmore, what should my approach be for writing a research paper?

    I want to write a research paper on general relativity or mathematical physics. I am a college freshman (will become sophomore after this summer) belonging to an engineering major. In this summer break, I have managed to learn about tensors. Currently, I am following the Respected Professor...
  47. B

    Advice regarding first research paper

    Hello everyone! I am planning on writing a paper about the angle of repose of different granular materials (i.e.the cone that sand makes in an hourglass). My research will involve both experimental and theoretical work; I am going to collect data regarding the shape that different materials...
  48. G

    Research Paper On Plane Extraction From 3D Laser Data?

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, if not please point me in the direction I should go. I'm doing robotics research with a professor who told me to study a few different things. One was to find some papers on plane extraction from 3d laser data. Can anyone give me the name...
  49. I

    Exploring Topics in Astrophysics: Finding Arguments for and Against

    Hey guys, sorry if I put this in the wrong section. Basically here's the thing, I have to do a research paper for my English class, and it is to be science related. That's all fine and dandy, but the thing is, the prof. said that the topic should have two sides to it, basically an argument to...