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Help for supercell, Bloch function

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    I recently have a puzlle that what is the relation between the periodic part of Bloch function in primitive cell u_nk(r) and that in supercell, e.g., three primitive cells in one of the directions. Are they the same one?

    pls give me some hints or explanations!

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    Well, the unit cell in the reciprocal lattice is smaller in the case of supercells than in the case of normal cells in direct lattice. That is the vector k for the normal lattice will become k'+K in case of the supercell lattice where K may take on 3 values in the case of a supercell which is 3 times longer than a normal cell.
    If the length of the original unit cell is d and the length of the supercell is 3d (at least for a space group with orthogonal axes)
    then [tex]K \in \{0,2\pi/3d,4\pi/3d\}[/tex].
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    Thanks very much for your useful reply!
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