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HELP, ! how do i integrate (x)^1/3

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    HELP, URGENT! how do i integrate (x)^1/3

    how do i solve this?
    please help me integrate (X)^1/3
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    x^(-2/3) / 3

    1 over 3x^(2/3)
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    The same way you would integrate X^1.

    If I were to write X^1 as X^(3/3), would this help you see the similarity? How would you integrate X^(3/3)?
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    Errr, well, it's integration, not differentiation. :rolleyes:

    For all [tex]\alpha \in \mathbb{R}[/tex], not -1. We have:
    [tex]\int x ^ {\alpha} dx = \frac{x ^ {\alpha + 1}}{\alpha + 1} + C[/tex]

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    then it's

    3x^(4/3) over 4
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