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[help] how to prove this equation

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    http://xs305.xs.to/xs305/06332/ss.gif [Broken]

    Hello all, how to prove the above equation
    thanks a lot
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    Could you explain what [tex]s, \sigma , \ j, \ \omega[/tex] are? Are they constants, negative or positive?
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    hi ViettDao29
    s is a complex
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    Oh... so j is our usual i=sqrt(-1) :tongue:
    Use an inequality for integral that absolute value of integral is less than or equal to integral of absolute value. Then consider that

    |e^{-s}| = |e^{- \sigma}| |e^{-j \omega}|


    Now, what is [itex]|e^{-j \omega}| [/itex] ?
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    Also recall that [tex]\, \left| \int f(x) \, dx\right| \leq \int\left| f(x) \right| \, dx[/tex]
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