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Help me to chose the right calculus textbooks.

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    I'm planning to learn calculus all by myself(from basic level).I selected some books,they are stewart's and for a bit more practice schaum's 3000 solved problems,so just tell me whether they are good if not advice me, Thanks.
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    When I taught myself Calculus, I used MIT video lectures. However Stewart is a great text to start Calculus along with Shaum's Outline is great! Also, you if you need videos explaining a certain topic in Calculus, you should go to khanacademy.org.

    Good luck.
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    Tom Apostol - Calculus.

    the best textbook I have ever used.
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    Google for University Houston Calculus
    They have some 50 videos which are excellent
    I use them in my classes

    I personally think Stewart's 6th Ed is the best text out there.
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    Personally I like Michael Spivak's Calculus. I don't know if you would consider it basic but I have a lot of fun with it even though it takes me hours upon hours just to complete a chapter.
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    Instead of jumping in with advice it would be useful to know where you are starting from and what you motivation or aim for the calculus is?

    The starting point is important because to be able to use any of the existing suggestions effectively you have to know quite a bit already.

    For motivation are you interested in the pure maths behind it (in which case there are some excellent suggestions here eg Spivak) or are you interested in using the results?

    Finally how far do you wish to take the subject, Apostol for instance goes further than most.

    go well
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    Yeah, honestly all the calclulus i know till now is pretty much based on physics,and upto some level i can do the simple tricks and methods.But when i try to learn some deeper stuff like quantum physics all the theories there are mostly based on mathematics.So in order for a good and deeper understanding,i would like to start it fresh from 13th class level and take it higher.
    Would like a book mostly based on theory with real world applications and various methods.
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    From what you have said I would recommend

    The Chemistry Maths Book

    By Erich Steiner

    Oxford University Press

    This is pitched at the level you require and also contains much useful maths that the likes of Apostol assumes you know. It is an excellent bridge between high school and university levels for physical science purposes.
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    Thanks a lot!
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