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Stargazing Help! My telescope fell and now it won't focus

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    It fell halfway over, denting my metal garbage can lid. The finderscope came off but I could easily reattach it. I can see light and blur now....what should I do?? I don't want to just open it up without knowing what I'm looking for. Thank you!!!
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    What's the model number?
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    General suggestion: Try checking the collimation.
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    Sounds like a reflector which fell 'headfirst', suggesting the seconday mirror mount is now misaligned. Assuming it has a spider mount, loosen and retension the mounting screws until it recenters. You can do this in daylight using a distant object to roughly recenter the focal plane, then a bright star at night to fine tune it.
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    What type of telescope is it, Refractor, Newtonian or Catadioptric ?
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    The model number is 78-8840
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    Thanks so much everyone. It is a Mak Cassegrain by Bushnell. I will try your advice, first, Chronos. Thank you.
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    I got it! I unscrewed it, opened it up and put it all back and Voila! It's perfect! Thanks!
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    Hey! good stuff. :-)
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