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Help! Pharmacy or Math/Physics/ComputerScience or Psy?

  1. Oct 5, 2009 #1
    Time for me to decide a major, and I am stuck!

    FYI, I am a girl but during the years in elementary school I was raised like a boy, so I am boyish, I did good in Math and Physics back in High School. I like to figure out relationship between number. Two math teachers told me to go for math.

    But my family wanted me to go for pharmacy and I've worked & volunteered in pharmacy part time for about 4.5 years. Working at pharmacy is easy, except the fact that I am not good with names (both drugs and patients.)

    Other than that, I got this instinct inside me. I don't know whether I am very good at observation of what, I can sense what a person is feeling easily. I am good with comforting words. I want to be a psychic or hypnotic if I can find a job for it.

    Other info is that I am very sensitive with a lot of things, with beauties, with rights and wrongs... I have a lot of sensors all over my body. And I like to imagine and create things...

    so what major should i choose?
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    Hi mikapple, welcome to PF!

    Well, I believe your "psychic" abilities could be real but they aren't supernatural. It sounds like what you have is excellent http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emotional_intelligence" [Broken]. And those skills will help you immensely in any field you choose.

    But this decision is yours. When you picture your ideal life, what are you doing? Are you working in pharmacy, or doing something more like engineering/science work?
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    Medical Physics?
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    Pharmacy, psychology if you want to graduate and make a good living with moderate effort.

    Math, physics, computer science if you want to risk potentially failing despite high effort, but make a good living and potentially change the world if you succeed.
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    mikapple, your post freaked me out, you’re almost describing me!
    anyways welcome to PF :smile:
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    Welcome Mikapple! Consider yourself "fish slapped"!

    Good advice. You want want to ask Choppy about the field in the academic guidance or career guidance sections (or read some of his responses in other pre-existing threads). Most non-academic physics employment ads I see lately are in the field. I think you usually have to get an MS.
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    My advise is to try to take classes in all those subjects in your first year.
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    We can't tell you what major to choose. You should choose the one you like best. However, I think your ability to understand people's feelings and to be comforting with words would make you very well suited for any profession where you deal with people. You may be less interested in careers such as research where you work more independently, and rather ones where you work with a lot of other people, perhaps even a health profession. It has nothing to do with being psychic, but is a skill that is hard to teach, so having a natural talent for it is really helpful.
  11. Oct 9, 2009 #10
    Thank you all for answering. : )
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