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Help! UK student applying for International Application in MIT

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    Help me, I'm really confused coz the school system in the US is completely different from the one here in the UK..

    watch this vid to explain what I'm saying...http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=usq7h3n8GUw

    See, in the US, Students go to Universities in the age of 16...but here in the UK, when we're 16, we still have to do 2 more years of college then if were 18 we can go to University..

    My problem is, I'm trying to apply for the International application in MIT, but at what age?, since MIT is a University, and UK students can only got to University when they're 18, but if you're in US, you can go when you're 16...

    When do I apply, when I'm 16 or when I'm 18?!?!?!? Help!

    Or is it okay, coz many freshmen in MIT are 18 and above? coz I dont wanna be out of place there if I apply when I'm 18 y.o. and all my classmates are 16 y.o.

    Somebody please explain this to me...
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    Where did you read that? In the US, most students finish high school and start university when they're 18. Sometimes, someone finishes high school early, but it's unusual.

    Some or many states have school-attendance laws which require students to attend school until they're 16. Some students "drop out" of school at that point, but then they don't receive a high-school diploma, and don't take the courses that most colleges and universities require for admission.
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    You should apply to university in the US at the same time you would apply to university here, with a view to starting after you have completed your A levels in college.
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